(Roudybush) Bombay Banquet 17.6 oz  
Weight: 1.0 lbs

Price: $9.64
Your bird will delight in the all natural flavor of Gourmet Soak & Feed!
Gourmet Soak & Feed's nutritious blend of grains with wheat, corn and carrot pieces. Gourmet Soak & Feed makes cooking for your avian companion a snap; simply add warm water or your bird’s favorite juice, cook for 5 minutes, by microwave or stove top and feed your bird a Gourmet delight!

Gourmet Soak & Feed allows you to offer your bird fresh cuisine with less waste, simply mix the amount of food you would like for each feeding, no pre-preparation, no need to store in the refrigerator! Soak & Feed contains no added sugars or artificial colors.


Shake bag before each use. Mix 1 part dry Soak & Feed with 1 part water or your bird's favorite juice - cook for 5 minutes, by microwave or stove top. Mix Soak & Feed fresh for each feeding, discard any uneaten feed after 2 hours.

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